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Social Justice & Body Liberation

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Visibility as Activism

From Vulnerability to Validity

Society has enforced silence and shame on fat bodies and the people who reside in them. In a culture that glorifies thinner bodies as a sign of health, intelligence and worth one of the most radical forms of activism is simply being seen. Join Rawiyah Tariq for conversation regarding the journey to visibility through the inevitable challenge of vulnerability to reclamation of value and empowerment of self and community validation

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Crossing the Finish Line Together

Intersectional Activism

Surviving ruling class supremacy is hard. Some of us don’t make it. The eradication of fat marginalization and size based oppression requires an intersectional approach to dismantling the white supremacist system. Sizeism will not be eradicated as long as some of us are still on the other side of the divide. Bringing our personal intersectional experiences to the discourse, we will strategize on how to cross the finish line together by addressing the impact of being subjected to multiple marginalizations and taking responsibility for pushing back against privileges.

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The Ungrateful Fatty

Life is too delicious to live off of crumbs.

Tips, Tricks and Survival Tools for centering yourself and your needs when you consider the lovability of your own body. A heavily biased, totally sex positive starter kit for an ever evolving journey towards radical self love. Resources for battling marginalization and oppression which can derail your life. Suggestions on silencing all the lies society, the media and your own family told you about your sovereign body. Why be grateful for scraps of affection or sell yourself for the cheap price of someone else’s acceptance? Demand a catered feast of your own design and do not use weight as an excuse to wait to have a life well lived.

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Creativity as Catharsis

Nina Simone once said “An Artist’s duty is to reflect the times… I choose to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself."

Unleash your voice into this world and have it received. Weave manifestation and manifesto into movement words and music.Nina Simone once said “An Artist’s duty is to reflect the times… I choose to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself.”At this crucial time in our lives when everything is so desperate, when everyday is a matter of survival I don’t think you could help but be involved. How could you be an artist and not reflect the times. To me this is the duty of an Artist”Join Rawiyah Tariq and your community in an intentional space held for this purpose. Learn techniques to transmute raw emotion into accessible works for yourself and the world around you, talk about the artistic process and be rejoice in your ability to empower those around you and alter the world you walk in.

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Witch Shit

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You are entitled to your Sacred Self
Workshop & Ritual

As Marginalized Communities move towards equality and visibility we are often rendered unseen within own chosen spiritualities and religions. We will discuss the unvoiced damage of being colonized and minimized and work together to restore the positive and powerful reflection of a Divinity that mirrors the unique way we walk through this world

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Topplin' the Tower

Roundtable, Revival and Ritual 

This is for you.

The Queers, The Black and Brown, The Trans Folk

The Antifa Warriors, the heartholders and heartsick healers doing triage to those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This is for the Revolutionary Witches who've gotten singed by the gaslit masses and governments with matches.

This is for the Water Warriors, the one who knows the smell and taste of mustard gas.

The one who is grasping for a breath of hope under the heel of a militarized police force.

This is for you too,

the frightened itching for a fight.

Come get your teeth cleaned and your sword sharpened

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Topplin' the Tower: Watch Yo Head

Workshop & Ritual 


As the tower topples and the bricks fall, those at the bottom are often confronted with the hardest challenges. This workshop shares spells and rituals for resilience, safety.  We will close with a ritual for the empowerment and protection of ourselves and our communities as we continue to fight together and love each other fiercely.

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Topplin' the Tower: The Nu Foundation

Workshop & Ritual

How do we transform our willingness to die for our liberation into living for it instead?

How do we magically live our revolution as an act of love?

How do we maintain our humanity while squaring off against those who refuse to recognize it?

How do you center yourself in a world that pushes you to the edges?

Rawiyah Tariq will present tools, tips and tricks for sustainability, self love, and cultivating heaven will hexing hell.

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The Bawdy Divine

Lez seduce the Universe and be

its Pillow Princess shall we?

Dance like sex has been used across time and through out the world as a means to raise energy and convey the ineffable. The two intersect in the art of burlesque. Join Rawiyah Tariq aka Magnoliah Black for magic made in movement and connection with the voluptuous sovereign power of fierce vulnerability.


You are the alter upon which your needs and desires can be manifested and maintained .

Come see and be seen!

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In The Face of Fear

We are the sacred hell and glorious terror

to things that go bump in the night.
Workshop & Roundtable

Fear is something that has great value and just like any Guardian Spirit it can turn to demon. This workshop/roundtable will confront the faces of fear that causes rifts within ourselves and our communities.


I will present Elemental Tools & Rituals designed to turn Fear from the vast Ocean that seeks to drown us into the watery mirror we learn from. We defiantly exist, move,love and create in a time of tremendous horror that has us scrambling for anything that resembles the light.
Come remember that we are the light.
We are the sacred hell and glorious terror to things that go bump in the night.

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Manifesting while Marginalized

The Secret... but with seasonings

White supremacy has created a redline around what is possible.

What would it look like to work magic from a place of desire and not just need?

What does it mean to restore dreams taken from us by systemic oppression and everyday violence? 

Come redefine what it mean to truly walk and live magical life in Black and Brown, beautifully diverse and queer bodies.

Workshops & Classes: Text
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