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Hey Ya'll Heyyyyyyyyyyyy,

I am a Black, gender non-binary, fat, disabled and neurodivergent artist and kink aware professional.

My roots are in queer, poly-amorous, fat community.
My tone is reflective of these roots and my work is informed by how these intersect with my Blackness.

Magic, massage, storytelling and performance art are tools I use to liberate, heal and reclaim space for marginalized communities. I believe in cohesive and somatic healing and holding practices that align body, mind and spirit.

Currently, I am living in the Bay Area while working on my book and my wellness and holding practice (A Sovereign Embodiment) where I provide ritual creation, divination, heart holding and graphic design. I also provide direct aid to Black Queer & Trans therapists via Project Ete Sen with Ella Ofori LMFT.

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