Hey Ya'll Heyyyyyyyyyyyy,

I am gender non-binary artist and kink aware professional with roots in queer, poly-amorous, fat community. My tone is reflective of these roots and my work is informed by how these intersect with my Blackness. Magic, massage, storytelling and performance art are tools I use to liberate, heal and reclaim space for marginalized community. I believe in cohesive and somatic healing practices that align body, mind and spirit.


Connect to me on social media via facebooktwitter and instagram or follow my work at mammyisdead.com.  You can also catch me as a feature in the film Fattitude and Heavenly Brown Body


Currently, I am living in the Bay Area while continuing work on my book and A Sovereign Embodiment as well as providing care to Black Queer & Trans therapists via Project Ete Sen with Ella Ofori LMFT  and launching a Black centered podcast My Black Body Podcast with Jessica Wilson MSRD.