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Ethics and Community Care

Why don't you charge more?

I keep prices low to ensure that access is given to those who need it the most. Not only am I below rate for my area but I also offer sliding scale/ barter and trade on ALL of my services to QT Black & Brown People.

I heard you be out here just giving shit away!

Kinda but not really. 

When I post on social media about Community Care Massage it's because:

#1 I have reached my weekly/ monthly quota that I need to support myself as a human being.

For example rent(s), gas, car note, food, batteries for the vibrator etc.  When I reach that quota I do a gratitude tithe back into the community,

#2 A supporter of my work that has financial means and stability is directly engaging in resistance work and activism  by making sure someone in marginalized community receives care and the person giving it gets taken care of too!

What is this Community Care Shit and how do I support it or get one for myself?

So glad you asked!

It's a 60/90/120 Massage or Divination, Ritual Service or logo design

that is free of charge to the recipient.



What if I don't have anything to barter or trade?

Everyone has something. Once I got paid in the form of a live chicken.

Those that can pay support those that can not pay money. 

There are many equivalent forms of exchange.  I mean have you seeeeeen they typos on this website! I could have used a proofreader or a copy editor. I do most definitely need a certain about of money to live and I am also dedicated to sacred economics and removing/ combating capitalism through barter, trade and skill share ie the Currency of The Queers.

So, seriously how do I help?

But most importantly go forth and live a delicious life
love big
scream loud
become sovereign
and tell me all about it!

How to Help: FAQ
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