About My Mission

The Road to Sovereign Self Possession

The first time I walked into a massage office or a spiritual class I was surrounded by people who did not look like me.  I was asked to leave vital parts of myself at the door so that I could fit at a table that was not constructed with me in mind.

The microaggressions were casual and unintentional but the impact was real.  I would rather go without than deal with the damage of it. I watched myself and others like me slip through the crack, become hopeless or remove themselves from this life.

It was at my lowest point that Jessica Wilson, a radical body liberation and nutritionist reached out to me.

ASE was born

It was born as an act of resistance

It was born into love

It is a reclamation of our original tools.  It is decolonized care structured for those who need it most and often have the least access to it.

My clients are  Black & Brown, Trans, Gender Non- Binary, Neuro Divergent, Sex Workers, Disabled, Activists, Artists, Elders, Survivors, Immigrants, Healers, Single Parents, The Dying and those relearning how to live.

ASE exists to support them, uplift them, validate them and ensure their survival.

I can't do it alone.

I haven't done it alone.

I'm grateful for my clients of privilege who have become regular full paying clients.  I'm grateful for those who have donated dollars to ensure that members of under-served community get taken care of.

There is so much more to be done.

We continue forward

With Love & Teeth,

Irene McCalphin


About Myself

Queer | Fat | Black | Gender Non Binary

I am a writer, performance artist, model, witch , singer and eater of food in public.

I am currently working on a book and facilitating the creation of Femme Mountain, a healing and retreat space for queers in Grass Valley, Ca).

Magic, massage, storytelling and performance art are tools I use to  liberate, heal and reclaim space for marginalized community. 

I have danced on stages throughout the country with the award winning and internationally traveled troupe Rubenesque Burlesque as Magnoliah Black from 2009 to 2015. As a solo performer my work (often preformed on mainstream stages) continues to reflect body liberation, visibility and self possession beyond the static sizest and often racist Eurocentric beauty myth.

Being a celebrity model for the first annual Queer Fashion Week in 2015 & 2016, Curvy Girl Lingerie and photoed for Curve magazine in Bertha Pearl’s Size Queen Fashions  has been an amazing empowering experience.

As former member of Santa Clara County Leather Association since and former Associate Producer of Red Hots Burlesque the country’s longest running queer burlesque & cabaret show I have actively created and maintained space for artists and players of diverse backgrounds and talents.

My time as a Board Member  and FeMCee of The Body Political and contributing co-founder of A Sovereign Embodiment Healing Collective has changed my life.

I have facilitated and spoken at events such as Baycon, NOLOSE, Fat Activist Conference: Tools for the Revolution , Fatty Affair, Pantheacon, Mystic South and The Northwest Pagan Conference.

I have spoken at several universities including Berkeley, Stanford and San Jose State regarding intersectionality, sex, fat, feminism and health.   And my most recent published work can be found in “The Politics of Size” co-authored with Juana Tango and edited by Ragen Chastian and her journey documented in interviews in Nia King’s “Queer and Trans Artist of Color”.

Connect to me on social media via facebook, twitter and instagram or follow my sorely mismanaged blog mammyisdead.com.

Also a bitch is on FILM:  Fattitude, Getting Naked the Movie and premiering Dec 2019 Heavenly Brown Body


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