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Offerings: Treatments
Image by Kira auf der Heide

& Ritual Creation

Magic is the tool and teeth of the oppressed.  Through Divination & Ritual Creation I assist clients as they move towards their own liberation.

We often know what we need but the voices of others, the tapes that society has imprinted upon our souls can silence our truths.

This work opens the doorway for  mirrored and glorious reflection, cathartic healing and reclamation of self.

Sliding Scale/ Barter & Trade Available for QTPOC

In Person & Long Distance Services Available


Workshops & Classes

My workshops and classes come from  place where magic melds deliciously with the mundane.

These offerings are created from My Queerness, My Blackness, My Fluid Gender, My Fatness.  I've spoken across the country from Conventions to Universities.

These workings vary in subject but they are all rooted in becoming a Sovereign Embodiment and A Self Possessed Soul.

It is from this place that we can move and maintain what is needed to bring liberation and justice into this world.

I love you. Let's Fuck Shit Up!

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Thought partnering and space holding for those looking to complete a project or attain a life goal. 

My coaching style is centered around meeting people where they are at and creating rituals and routines that support, nourish and sustain them as they actualize their selves and their work out into a world that so desperately needs it. 

I specialize in avoiding and treating burnout, building in pleasure practices and towards abundance while dismantling  scarcity and shame. 

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