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Care & Covid-19

I'm closing shop on massage until this passes.  This is in adherence to the Alameda County Shelter in Place Ordinance.  

I'm still doing long-distance tarot card readings and heart holding sessions as well as using this time to set up some online witch workshops beginning with one called "In The Face of Fear"


Take absolute fucking care of each other
Resource share
Call and check in

I love you.
Thank you for you business, your support and your care.


Rawiyah Tariq


We are here for the Queer, for the Trans, for the Black & the Brown
We are here for the Fatties, the Elderly, the Disabled
We are here for the Activists in the streets
The Heartbroken in their homes
We hold those Living through trauma
We hold those transitioning through Death
ASE is healing touch, divination, cathartic ritual creation, workshops & rituals crafted with the most marginalized centered in Body, Mind & Spirit.


Being seen & held in the fullness of your humanity is not a privilege.
It is your BIRTHRIGHT!

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