• Irene McCalphin

The Werk

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

The first time I walked into a massage office or a spiritual class I was surrounded by people who did not look like me.  I was asked to leave vital parts of myself at the door so that I could fit at a table that was not constructed with me in mind.

The microaggressions were casual and unintentional but the impact was real.  I would rather go without than deal with the damage of it.

I watched myself and others like me slip through the crack, become hopeless, choose to end their lived before lives before life ended it for them.

It was at my lowest point that Jessica Wilson a radical body liberation and nutritionist reached out to me.

ASE was born

It was born as an act of resistance

It was born into love

It is a reclamation of our original tools.  It is decolonized care structured for those who need it most and often have the least access to it.

My clients are  Black & Brown, Trans, Gender Non- Binary, Neuro Divergent, Sex Workers, Disabled, Activists, Artists, Elders, Survivors, Immigrants, Healers, Single Parents, The Dying and those relearning how to live.

ASE exists to support them, uplift them, validate them and ensure their survival.

I can't do it alone.

I haven't done it alone.

I'm grateful for my clients of privilege who have become regular full paying clients.  I'm grateful for those who have donated dollars to ensure that members of under-served community get taken care of.

There is so much more to be done.

We continue forward


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